If You Want More New LeadsProspects And Sales ConversationsWithout Having To Make Outbound Sales Calls And Wasting Hours Of Time, Look At This Program!!!
The way to grow in today's online marketplace is to put your offer and information in front of your ideal prospective client at the time they are potentially looking for it, or the topic is top of mind for them...  This program will do that for you.  
Some Companies We've Worked With
Lead Generation Program | Inlet Yoga and Mixed Media Ventures
Lead Generation Program | Michael Mulroy and Mixed Media Ventures
Lead Generation Program | Kaye Law Office and Mixed Media Ventures
21X Case Study - Inlet Yoga Studio in NJ
Lead Generation Program | Inlet Yoga and Mixed Media Ventures
   Lead Generation Campaign
  Generated 200 NEW Trial Members in 60 Days
  Promotion:  $30 for 30 Days of Unlimited Yoga
  Converted 40 to Paid Monthly Members
  Created Lifetime Value of Members: $125,280.00
Inlet Yoga's Problem Was...
The new owner of Inlet Yoga was experiencing membership churn because of the change of ownership and a price increase.  The Studio had to do something to generate both immediate new revenue, replace memberships, and begin to grow the business.  Since this initial campaign, Inlet Yoga has run a successful $67 for 6 Weeks of Unlimited Yoga and is on track to run a new promotion in the last quarter of 2019 and into 2020.
The reality is, the buying process is in the hands of the consumer today.  Not you!
Think about it, you'd never buy anything today without researching it online. This is really the problem we solve with Lead Generation:  we give you the chance to get in front of your target audience in the shortest period of time with a compelling offer that they can't resist.  

You just can't touch this many people anywhere else than online with Facebook faster!  And we make it frictionless for you!
 Bring Prospective Clients Ready to Do Something Today and In The Next 24 Months To You.  It's Frictionless.
 Build a More Sustainable Income and Business
 Focus More On What You Want To Do, Sell More of Your Products and Services
How do you know you need new leads?
Think about it, no one answers their phones today and it's frustrating to make cold calls to try and drum up new business.  Canvasing and 'dropping' in or knocking on doors just irritates people. Emailing doesn't work because everyone uses texting to communicate today and never reads their email, or they send you to the spam box.  This is really the problem we solve with online lead generation advertising.  We bring the potential customer or client to you using the medium they're already on:  Facebook and Instagram!  Not only are they on Facebook, but they're predisposed to clicking on ads for topics they have interests in, so they're engaged, and ready for sales contact, so you can get them in your pipeline no matter where they are in the sales process when they contact you.
Why Facebook & Instagram Lead Generation?
 You cannot touch as many people as Facebook can in a day, week or month that have an interest in you.  We'll reach 500 - 1,000 people per day or more to promote you on your behalf, and get them to trade their contact information or get you a phone call for your valuable offer. 
 You're beating your competition.  Chances are your competitors aren't advertising on Facebook where your prospective clients are. If they are, chances are, they're doing it wrong.  LET US HELP YOU DO IT RIGHT!
 It's the quickest route to new leads.  You're going where your existing customers and prospective customers already are.  If you know your prospective customers are going to be at a networking event, you don't take the night off.  You get there if you can. Facebook is the quickest route to put yourself in front of your prospective clients to get new sales leads in today's marketplace.
 It WILL get you Sales Leads.  More than half of marketers who’ve been using social media for at least two years report it helped them improve sales according to Hubspot.
A Proven Process
By following our process, filling out our documentation, and having a strategy consultation with your dedicated account manager, you will generate new sales leads for your organization.  We're so confident we can generate exclusive sales leads for you, we're giving you our success map for following up in an eBook.  Our eBook is backed by research by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who did a study on how to best handle Internet Leads.  This alone will give you a leg up on your competition.  But you have to follow it!
results of The Starter Leads service
Lead Generation Program | Realtor Seller Leads and Mixed Media Ventures
Realtor Lead Generation
 Objective: Generate Seller (Potential Listing) Leads
 Number of Ads: Total of nine, three running 
 People Reached: 19,974
 Ad Seen by People: 43,068 Times (2.16 x Each)  
 Link Clicks to Landing Page: 1,306  
 Number of Leads: 89 Leads in 45 Days / Four (4) Specifically Asked for a Home Valuation (HINT:  Conversion Signal) - (Avg. 60 Leads Per Month with $600 per month advertising spend) 
 Cost Per Lead: $6.74 (Total CPA $17.97) 
 Single Ad Remarketing Campaign 
Chiropractor Lead Generation
 Objective: Generate Low Cost First Visit Consultations
 Goal: Get New Patients In The Door and Book Recurring Sessions/Appointments
 Number of Leads: 150 Per Month (Average)
 20 - 40 New Customers Per Month
 Fast ROI
Lead Generation Program | Chiropractor and Mixed Media Ventures
Lead Generation Program | Fitness and Gyms Mixed Media Ventures
Personal Training Fitness Studio
 Objective: Generate New Members for New Fitness Studio
 148 New Clients Generated In The First 30 Days
 Client Membership of $120 Per Month
 Average Lifetime Value of Client $4,000 Per Client  
How Does The Process Work
1.  Place Your Order
Choose a package below, and purchase the package you are comfortable with.  It's month to month and you can cancel anytime!


2.  Fill Out The Online Brief Right After The Order
In order to make ads exactly the need to be to convert new leads for you, we have some questions for you. This is a great time to let us know about your business, your audience, what your goals are, as well as letting us know about other great ads you've seen selling similar products and services as yours that we can draw inspiration from.


3.  We Set Up a Brief Call With You & Learn More About Your Business
Once we've received your brief we will not only start working on your Lead Generation Campaign, but we'll set up a call with you to verify the information and to ensure we're on the right track.


4.  We set up your Ad campaign and alerts 
We set up your email alerts, text message alerts, and a Google Spreadsheet so that you get all your sales leads as soon as they come in, so you can respond fast!


5.  Your Ads are approved, and we launch your campaign
We finish designing your ads, Facebook approves them, and then your campaign launches!  


6.  You Receive Your New Sales Leads & Sell Your Products & Services!
You get a text, email, and have access to an online spreadsheet to access your leads when they come in... You follow up, and you make the sale!  You own them, so go sell'em!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee If We Don't Generate 10 New Sales Leads For You.
Note: Advertising Spend, Is Separate From Our Fee and Therefore Is Non-Refundable*
30 Day Money Back Guarantee | Starter Leads | Mixed Media Ventures
Place Your Order Now And We'll Get Started Right Away, AND You'll Get A 10% Discount on "Advanced Leads Package" For A Limited Time
 A FREE Paperback Copy Of Our Book "Hacking Lead Generation
 Our NEW FREE eBook on Handling and Following Up on Internet Leads 
To Help You Sell Faster!
 Three additional eBooks on Designing Your Ideal Client, Building a Compelling Lead Magnet, and your Lead Justification Worksheet absolutely FREE!
Starter Leads Package
Billed monthly, no set up fee.
  • 30 Minute Post Sale Consultation Included
  • Onboarding Form (Required)
  • Access to Your Facebook Business Manager (Required)
  • Number of Ads - Two
  • Coupon Creation: One Included for One Promotion
  • -
  • Required Advertising Spend: $300/mo
  • Up to 500 Ad Views Per Day
  • Potential Ad Clicks: 240
  • Potential New Leads Per Mo: Up to 8 - 15
  • Advertising Copy Creation Included
  • Advertising Creative & Edits Included
  • Ongoing Management: Once Weekly
  • Email Updates for Downloaded Coupons
  • -
  • -
  • Monthly Report: Emailed
  • Hacking Lead Generation eBook
  • Lead Nurturing Handbook eBook
  • Technical Support
Advanced Leads Package
Billed monthly, no set up fee.
  • 30 Minute Post Sale Consultation Included
  • Onboarding Form (Required)
  • Access to Your Facebook Business Manager (Required)
  • Number of Ads - Four
  • Coupon Creation: Two Included for Two Promotions
  • -
  • Required Advertising Spend: $600/mo
  • Up to 1,000 Ad Views Per Day
  • Potential Ad Clicks: 480
  • Potential New Leads Per Mo: Up to 15 - 30
  • Advertising Copy Creation Included
  • Advertising Creative & Edits Included
  • Ongoing Management: Twice Weekly
  • Email Updates for Downloaded Coupons
  • New Contacts Added to Spreadsheet
  • Text Alerts: To Prospective Client Only
  • Monthly Report: Emailed
  • Hacking Lead Generation "Paperback Version"
  • Lead Nurturing Handbook eBook
  • Technical Support
Premium Leads Package
Billed monthly, no set up fee.
  • 60 Minute Post Sale Consultation Included
  • Onboarding Form (Required)
  • Access to Your Facebook Business Manager (Required)
  • Number of Ads - Eight
  • Coupon Creation: Four Included for Four Promotions
  • Retargeting Campaign
  • Required Advertising Spend: $1,000/mo
  • Up to 1,650 Ad Views Per Day
  • Potential Coupon Downloads: 780
  • Potential New Leads Per Mo: Up to 30 - 60
  • Advertising Copy Creation Included
  • Advertising Creative & Edits Included
  • Ongoing Management: Three Times Weekly
  • Email Updates for Downloaded Coupons
  • New Contacts Added to Spreadsheet
  • Text Alerts: To Prospect and Business Owner
  • Monthly Report: Email and Scheduled Call
  • Hacking Lead Generation "Paperback Version"
  • Lead Nurturing Handbook eBook
  • Technical Support
Mixed Media Ventures
Jamie C. - Realtor
Verified Purchase
Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. Thank you so much for your help. I would be lost without your lead generation service.
Mixed Media Ventures
Nathanael H. - Real Estate Broker/Agency Partner
Verified Purchase
Mixed Media's lead generation is awesome! This is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. The best on the net! It's worth a fortune to my agency.
Mixed Media Ventures
Britany H. - Realtor
Verified Purchase
I was amazed at the quality of this lead generation service and company service.  My leads were emailed to me and stored in a spreadsheet so I could access them anytime.
Mixed Media Ventures
Jennifer V. - Yoga Studio Owner
Verified Purchase
Mixed Media helped our yoga studio in the slowest time of year to generate new revenue, new business, and new memberships.
Mixed Media Ventures
Roxane K. - Lawyer
Verified Purchase
I get a minimum of two new calls a week from the leads they get for me from online.
Mixed Media Ventures
Mike M. - Realtor
Verified Purchase
I got 12 new leads in the first week of my campaign. I didn't know what to do with all of them all at once.  Then it increased to about 60 per month. 
Mixed Media Ventures
Phoebe M. - Realtor
Verified Purchase
The lifeblood of my real estate business are new leads. I'm now able to have a solid flow of leads to follow up on month after month.
Mixed Media Ventures
Sharon M. - Lawyer
Verified Purchase
I am getting phone calls that I have never gotten before from prospective clients for my lawfirm.
Mixed Media Ventures
Jill K. - Hair Salon Owner
Verified Purchase
Mixed Media Ventures is nothing but professional. I am very pleased w the efficiency and overall experience.
Here are a few of the most common questions we get from our clients.  We hope this helps!
Will My Business Generate Leads?
If you are a service based business or a Business to Consumer type of business, your business should do well generating leads.  Businesses that generally do well are: Car Dealers, Chiropractors, Counseling, Credit Repair, Cryotherapy, Dental, eCommerce, Fitness, Home Improvement, Insurance, Jewelry, Landscaping, Laundry Delivery, Lawyers (Personal Injury), Mattress Stores, Real Estate, Restaurants, Yoga.  Contact us at to learn if your business will do well with Lead Generation.
How Long Will It Take To Launch Our Lead Generation Campaign?
From the time you place your order, it takes roughly three to five days to launch your Lead Generation Campaign.  Not long at all, and you'll be generating new sales leads!  We'll keep you in the loop as to how long it will actually take.  Most Lead Generation Campaigns get rolling in about three days.
What Else Do I Need To Get Started
You will need the following: 

1.  A Facebook Business Page for your business.  If you do not have one instructions on how to set one up can be found using the following link, go here.
2.  A Facebook Business Manager for your business. If you do not have one, you can find a link here.  You will need a Facebook Business Page prior to setting up a Facebook Business Manager.

If you have difficulty with the above we can help you set both of these up and optimize them for a nominal fee of $199.00 and get you ready for your lead generation campaign.  Just click, the add a FB Business Page and Business Manager after you start your order to choose this service.  This adds a couple extra days to getting your Lead Generation Campaign started.
Why So Inexpensive Compared To Other Marketing Agencies? 
Mixed Media Ventures is a full service digital marketing agency that has extensive experience in the online space.  We've positioned these solutions as beginner level products so that you are not overwhelmed with sales leads you cannot follow up on or sell to in a timely manner... These price points allow you to get your feet wet, and decide if a more substantial investment makes sense for you later.  We want you to be successful now, and we want to grow with you later!
From The Time We Launch The Lead Generation Campaign, When Will Leads Start Coming In?
Lead flow can start in as soon as 12 - 36 hours from the time we launch your campaign.  Facebook's algorithm coupled with the targeting options, and your ad may take a few days to season (as we call it) before leads start coming in, so don't be discouraged.  We'll get them coming in for you as quickly as we can... 
How Quickly Do I Follow Up With the Incoming Leads?
FAST!  As quickly as you can! This is why we're including out Lead Handling E-Book absolutely free, so you understand EXACTLY what you need to do to be more successful in your business and with online lead generation.  
Will You Sell To My Competitor?
Absolutely not!  You have our guarantee that if a competitor in your town within 20 miles of you signs up for our service, and you subscribed first, We'll refund them their money with our apology.  No questions asked.
We're The Team Helping You Sell 
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Mixed Media Ventures
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